WordPress Multisite Development by Snowboard Mommy ProdcutionsWelcome to the Snowboard Mommy Productions website. Snowboard Mommy, aka Bonnie Walker, is a professional web developer currently specializing in the Web Baby Shower online baby shower service and WordPress Custom Plugin development.

You will also find her on the slopes (weather permitting), teaching and practicing Yoga in the Iyengar Tradition, and eating.


How To Host A Long Distance Baby Shower

If you are interested in hosting an online baby shower, please visit Web Baby Shower: How to Have a Long Distance Baby Shower. Thank you.


Snowboard Mommy’s Favorite WordPress (Multisite) Hacks

My favorite thing about WordPress is bending it to my will <evil laugh>! Check out my Favorite WordPress Multisite Hacks


Snowboard Mommy’s Yoga Practice

I haven’t stayed on the slopes well into my forties and managed broken collarbones, dislocated and sprained shoulders, and tweaked knees and ankles, not to mention pregnancy, without some serious yoga and yoga physical therapy! Thanks to Iyengar Yoga, it’s easier than it sounds. Check out my Yoga Teacher Blog!


Snowboard Mommy’s Favorite Recipes

These are here so that when I’m at the grocery store, I can easily find them and check for ingredients. LOL.  Check out my favorite recipes online.