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Got Indivisible?

If you have organized a local Indivisible congressional advocacy group and are looking for web hosting and online communication tools, please see Snowboard Mommy’s newest web service:!

Snowboard Mommy Productions specializes in Managed WordPress Hosting.

Sure, you can host WordPress anywhere, but who is going to maintain it and keep it safe?!

You need someone who can host your website, register a domain name, install WordPress, set up, design, customize, secure your WordPress website and maintain your WordPress website for the life of your business.

You need Snowboard Mommy Productions’ Managed WordPress Hosting!

As a full-service WordPress Managed Hosting provider, Snowboard Mommy Productions can:

  • Create a private, full-service, full-featured web hosting account that can host WordPress, or just about any other type of website
  • Register or transfer your domain name
  • Install WordPress for you with unique security protocols to help protect against brute force attacks
  • Install a Theme you actually like (with Snowboard Mommy’s approval)
  • Customize the WordPress installation with your content, plus menus and navigation that make sense for your website content, your business and with a solid SEO foundation
  • Add trusted plugins and get them set up to work well for you
  • Send you written documentation on how to update your WordPress website or provide in-person training
  • Stick around to help with updates, upgrades and everything you need to keep your WordPress website amazing

Managed WordPress Hosting starts at $499 to get your WordPress website started with a theme we can both live with, up to 10 pages of content and one year of WordPress maintenance.  Additional content development and plugin installation is extra; please ask for a quote.  If you already have a (clean, uncompromised) WordPress website and just need to transfer it, please contact Snowboard Mommy for a quote. For more information, please see the “Managed WordPress Hosting” page or visit the contact page to send snowboard mommy productions an email!