Snowboard Mommy’s Favorite WordPress (Multisite) Hacks

Smith Rock, Oregon
Well, it’s summer so I am digging myself out of WordPress Multisite development (instead of 4 feet of powpow).

Unbeknownst to me, developing for WordPress Multisite is a lot like riding at Mt. Bachelor in zero-visibility freezing fog.  As luck would have it, I have plenty of experience with this.

In hopes of a blue bird powder day (see photo, Left), I am documenting the things that I have figured out and the websites that I have found useful in hopes that other plugin developers and multisite administrators won’t have as hard a time finding this information.

Also, since I’d rather be snowboarding, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have another pair of eyes to catch my mistakes. So feel free to give me a holler if you notice anything that needs attention!

Snowboard Mommy cannot recommend enough:

#1:  If you have not read the Half Elf guides to installing and using WordPress Multisite, start there.  And tell them Snowboard Mommy says “Hi”.


The things about Multisite that did make me tear my hair out anyway (sorry Ipstenu!) …

… And the resources I found to help grow it back:

Future topics may include: Automatically dismissing default WordPress pointers and using Custom Post Types with Multisite. As soon as I have time!