WordPress Child Themes

Love Your WordPress Theme!Do you LOVE your WordPress theme?

Is there one little thing you’d like to change, but you can’t because your theme options don’t have a setting for it?

Or, are you using a theme that you like only about 90%?

Snowboard  Mommy can create a customized “Child Theme” that will make you love your WordPress Theme 100%!

Child Themes are great because you keep all the look, feel and functionality of the “parent” theme, but the Child Theme allows you to customize it and then keep the custom changes without losing them when the parent theme is updated.

Compared to creating a completely customized theme, child themes are a much more cost effective way to go about customizing your WordPress Theme.

A child theme can be created on virtually any up-to-date WordPress Theme.

More info about Child Themes and instructions for creating one yourself can be found on the WordPress website at: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

Don’t think it’s safe to try this at home? Contact Snowboard Mommy!

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