WordPress Custom Plugins

WordPress Custom Plugin DevelopmentTired of searching for the perfect WordPress plugin?  Need custom functionality you just can’t find a plugin for?

You’ve come to the right place!  Snowboard Mommy Productions has already written custom plugins for:

  • Web Baby Shower Resource Directory
  • Web Baby Shower Online Baby Shower Service
  • Dance Studio integrated class schedules, class descriptions & faculty bios

As a Snowboard Mommy Productions’ Managed WordPress Hosting client, you can take advantage of either of these plugins.

Or, if you need something different, or if do not use Snowboard Mommy’s Managed WordPress Hosting, you can have your own custom plugin developed for your WordPress website.  If you are a WordPress professional designer or developer and need help with your own WordPress project, Snowboard Mommy Productions will also provide custom plugin work on a sub-contract basis.

Why choose Snowboard Mommy Productions for your Custom WordPress Plugin work?

  • Made in the USA!  Snowboard Mommy does not outsource, she snowboards.
  • Pricing starts at $500 and we will agree on a schedule, fixed price and key features before work begins.
  • Snowboard Mommy tests and debugs her work and delivers a quality finished product.  No unexpected rocks, branches, bonks or drops here!
  • If Snowboard Mommy knows of a trusted plugin that will fit your needs, she will tell you about it before quoting you for custom work
  • Snowboard Mommy has worked with all the major areas of the WordPress code and knows how to create a secure, reliable plugin without actually touching the WordPress core.

Sound like what you need?  Contact Snowboard Mommy Productions, LLC